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 S.T.A.M.P.S  watches have arrived just in time for your Christmas! These are such a fantastic new concept in watches, its not just a wrist watch it's a gift with many uses - it's can be stuck where ever you need to keep time. You can buy a wrist band with your Stamps Watch so you can also wear it as a conventional wrist watch.

However with the clever sticky face design, you can attached your watch face to any surface! By your bed, on your desk or your computer... it's the perfect way to keep time this Christmas. There are designs suitable for men too, with black and white art and an army style.

Army Stamp Watch disco stamp watch News stamp watch

S.T.A.M.P.S are a fantastic gift this Christmas for those that find it that little be harder to start on time, with their stamp watch they can be sure to have the time available where ever they are - they will be no more excuses!

This watch is already proving to be popular and people have begun to talk about the fabulous invention of the stamp watch. Come and choose your design now before it's too late!



Ajesh at Patchworks

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