Ecotronic Toys - A little help for the Environment

Welcome to an world of wonderful toys. If you like to do a little bit for the environment then purchase one of our ecotronic toys.

In the UK alone we use over 9 million batteries a year and many are in toys. Only a dismal 2% are recycled, but children love electronic toys so we are facing a problem. Well not anymore, ecotronics is a new concept in the toy world - each is powered by wind up, they are human powered!

The Eco-Rocket:

Eco Rocket


It lights up in many ways and has wonderful rocket sounds but guess what...... it has no batteries. Wind it up and watch it fly off to the moon. Perfect for those little boys with space cadet ambitions.



Mr Robot-Head:

Robot Head


Is a fantastic way to keep the children entertained, believe me he is such a challenge. You have to move his wand from one antenna to another being sure not to touch the sides. If you slip his eyes will flash and he will buzz his disapproval. All you have to do is ensure to wind him up every now and again.






Surely this must have batteries? - No just keep it wound up and the sound and lights will keep on coming. This is such a cute present for their very first radio.



There are loads of other great items from Ecotronics, including an eco-phone and an eco-microphone. All have the same thing in common, they don't need any batteries to keep the children entertained.

Something for the older audience:

A football radio:

football radio


This is a fantastic radio, not only is it a fully functioning fm/am radio but it has a phone charger cable attached. Wind the handle to charge your phone up, now when you run out of battery on the go, you can charge your phone on your ecotronic radio.





 Another great plus of these toys is the packaging, Ecotronic wanted to make sure there was little use of environmental resources. Each item is packaged in a bio-degardable box that's easy to open and is made of nothing but recycled paper.



money box bus




There are plenty of other bright gadgets and gifts too keep the children busy after school. We have the iconic London Routemaster bus money box and a classic Hackney Cab to keep all those coins safe.



Simon Edwards

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