A new season at Narborough Hall

Summer is coming to an end and autumn is already beginning to take it's course. The mornings are filled with the sounds of children heading off to school, a beautiful sunshine and a fresh chill in the air. I love the beautiful colours and the sunny mornings but most importantly this new season means that Narborough Hall is being filled with new and exciting products.

We are, as always, embracing the new season with lots of new products. With delivery after delivery through our doors, we are all kept very busy pricing and displaying to get the shop looking perfect for autumn. I thought I should tell you all about some of the great new items.

Country Kitchen Hook Calendar:

calendarThis vintage style calendar  is great for your kitchen, it can keep your keys safe and help you keep track of the date. I love the fork and spoon hooks, they are practical yet still create that country kitchen look.


 Wooden Photo Box:

wooden photo box

This wooden photo box is decorated with beautiful french etching. Filled with individual pull out albums you can create a collection of all your family memories.




Embroidered wall hangings and photo albums:

wall hangings and albumsAlso included in this range are wall hangings, in a number of different designs. Embroidered with delicate pictures and beautiful sayings, these give a welcoming touch to any home.

'A house is made of bricks and beams. A home is made of love and dreams'

'Life is not measured by the breath we take, but by the moments that take our breaths away'



Love hearts:


Along with the big items in this range, there are loads of smaller room accessories and gift ideas.   These love hearts come in a range of different styles and are a great gift for a loved one, to place on your dresser or as a table decoration.


Finally an old tradition:

These little worry dolls will ensure you have a worry free  autumn, there is a doll for nearly everything from health worries to hair worries!

worry dolls







Simon Edwards

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